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With the arrival of the Mahadasha of Jupiter in the Janam Kundli of Arvind Ji, gave Yog-condition of attention-concentration in service and soft-heartedness.

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With Jupiter in the Mahadasha of Jupiter, he entered politics. But in the Janam Kundli of Arvind Ji, due to the union of the moon and Saturn, honor-respect repeatedly got bad. In the Janam Kundli of Arvind Ji, now also it is the time of Jupiter, due to Venus being in it, and along with it, Venus sitting along with Jupiter, this time is not good in politics, it is possible that he may get to face disappointment at this time.

Arvind Kejriwal

If remedies are done for this Yog-condition, then it will give quite good reward-fruit. In the Janam Kundli of Arvind Ji, the time of the Sun in Jupiter will come, in he will get good results in politics.

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Auspicious gemstone: Manikya, ruby. Arvind Ji, due to Mars being strongly positioned did not give the Yog-condition of being a single child. Along with it, due to Mercury and Jupiter Lord being in a good position, he did not get any problem In the field of education. And he made this hard work his objective. As the Mahadasha of Rahu came in in the Janam Kundli of Arvind Ji, then quite a lot of changes were observed in his life because Rahu was positioned in the beneficial place-position.

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For Latest News Update of astroscience you can subscibe our Newsletter to stay tune with us. Gurudev G. The mind is sharp and personality magnetic. Arvind is authoritarian and loves to rule. Personally, there is a great appetite for good food. He loves the comfort of his home. Krittika the Nakshatra under which he was born makes him a very intelligent person. This also makes him fickle minded and he changes his views and utterances frequently.

Arvind Kejriwal's luck & fortune

One of the biggest problem with Krittika born is their tendency to flit like a butterfly from one idea to another. Goals change every so often and actions are taken without due forethought. Boredom with the work in hand becomes their main enemy.

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  5. They dislike even a little encroachment on their ego and freedom. Any relationship that impinges on their ego will not last long. The second house because it pertains to the ruling power, the fourth because it rules over masses and the tenth because it the house of king and governance. Let us examine all these house sequentially. Lagna Lagna is fairly powerful with a Bhavbal of units. This points towards some lingering health issue. The second house The second house has a Bhavbal of units and is adequately strong.

    Mercury is slightly beneficial but unable to give full results because of its weakness. The other house that Mercury rules is fifth and pertains to children, speculation and ability to give sound advice. Arvind will sustain losses in stock market, will have less than complete happiness from children and will drop the ball when when it comes to advising others. The mind is sharp and brilliant but Rahu in eleventh and Ketu in the fifth are completely unhelpful.

    It is nowhere as good as it appears to be.

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    The Karak for second house is Jupiter. He rules over eighth and eleventh houses and his placement in the fourth house is a cause of worry. Jupiter barely makes the grade and does not support the quest for high office. As the eighth lord placed in the fourth house he causes domestic bickering, and financial problems. There are problems connected to real estate and vehicles. The live stock and pets suffer and die.

    The fourth house The fourth house represents the masses and their support.


    A strong fourth lord helps with the support of the common man. Fourth house is very strong and ensures the support of general public. Fourth house lord Sun is also powerful and beneficial. It was the tenuous nature of the three planets involved that gave him a fractured mandate.